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DE CECCO Orecchiette n°91

SKU: PA-00138

Cooks in 11 minutes | Al Dente in 9 minutes.


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About De Cecco Orecchiete

Orecchiette (little ears), also known as “strascicati”, are a typical pasta shape from the Apulia culinary tradition. The shape is a round disc with a slight indent in the centre. In the culinary tradition of Apulia of home-made pasta, orecchiette were made with white flour, durum wheat semolina and water. After the pasta dough had been cut into small pieces, it was “dragged” (“strascicati” in Italian) with the tip of a knife to create a sort of small shell, then pulled back with the tip of the thumb. In traditional Apulia cooking, orecchiette are cooked in boiling water with broccoli or potatoes and served with a tomato sauce and sheep’s cheese, or with garlic and Oil This pasta is also known as “Recchie” and is served with vegetable ragù, or lamb and ricotta ragù.

De Cecco Orecchiete Ingredients

Durum wheat semolina pasta. This product may contain soy.

Tips for perfect pasta

1. Use 6 litres of water to 500g of pasta, add salt and when the water boils vigorously, add the pasta. 
2. Stir well for the first 2-3 minutes and then from time to time. 
3. When cooked, drain and season as desired.

How to Store De Cecco Orecchiete

When storing De Cecco Orecchiete, ensure that it is placed in a cool and dry location that is not under direct sunlight such as a pantry or cupboard.

Origin: Italy

At Essential Ingredients, we do our best to provide good quality pasta at an affordable price, so why don’t you add some colour to your dishes by using De Cecco Orecchiete today?


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