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LE 5 STAGIONI Pizza Napoletana

SKU: B381

“00” type flour with a high protein content able to maintain the gluten structure over a long time.
Structured and resistant, it is used to make Neapolitan long maturation dough.

  • Protein: 11.5%
  • ASH: Max. 0.55%



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Weight 1.10 kg

1KG Original, 1KG Repacked


About Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana Flour

Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana is a soft wheat flour type “00” with medium-high protein content. This product is suitable for all direct and indirect doughs for Pizza Napoletana. This special flour, developed in collaboration with the pizzaioli master chefs of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, makes the dough elastic and guarantees an excellent pizza crust. 


How to Store Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana Flour

When storing Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana flour, ensure that it is store in a ventilated and dry location, such as the cupboard or pantry. 

Origin of Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana Flour



At Essential Ingredients, we do our best to provide good quality specialty flours at an affordable price, so why don’t you give the Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana flour a try today?



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