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SPICE KING Spanish Saffron

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The Spanish Saffron is the best and most well-known in the world due to its abundance yellow colour, special flavour and delicate fragrance.


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About Saffron

Top grade saffron possesses a deep red color, is dry to the touch and the stigmas will be 3/8″ to 1/2″ in length. Saffron is graded via laboratory measurement for color (crocin), flavor (picrocrocin) and aroma (safranal) content. Samples are assigned grades by gauging the saffron’s color content. The higher color content (also known as coloring strength) signifies a greater color concentration and intensity. The deep red or orange types are the best quality saffron and these have a warm, floral aroma with a delicate, honey-like, earthy taste with bitter back notes.

The English add saffron to breads, cakes and scones. It’s also used in fish based dishes in France (bouillabaisse) and Spain (zarzuela de pescado). Saffron stars in rice dishes in India (biryani and pillaos), Iran (zafran pollous) and Italy (rissotto Milanese). Saffron works exceptionally well in both savory and sweet dishes including chicken, cream sauces, curries, flans, garlic, ice cream, milkshakes, polenta, puddings, rice, sauces, seafood, shellfish and soups. Saffron pairs well with almonds, anise, brown sugar, cardamom, carrots, cashews, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, eggs, fennel, ginger, milk, mint, nutmeg, paprika, pepper, raisins and spinach.


How to Store Spice King Spanish Saffron 

When storing Spice King Spanish Saffron , ensure that it is placed in a cool and dry location that is not under direct sunlight such as a pantry or cupboard to maintain its superior quality. It is highly recommended to store the saffron threads in an all-tight jar to prevent moisture. 


Origin of Spice King Spanish Saffron 



At Essential Ingredients, we do our best to provide good quality spices at an affordable price, so why don’t you give the Spice King Spanish Saffron a try today?


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