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24K Rose Gold Flake

SKU: B110

Add some sparkly gold to your dishes and let your dinner table shine. Looks good against dark colours and the particle is slightly larger than the coarse black ground pepper.


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How to Use 24K Rose Gold Flake

Food garnishing, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, and celebrations. Food such as fine baked goods, patries, and fruits. Most of the dessert such as chocolate, candies, cake, marzipan, and ice cream. Drinks for instance, mulled wine, cocktails, and flute of champagne.

How to Prepare 24K Rose Gold Flake

They are extremely delicate and thin, so ultimate care must be taken when lifting and positioning the product. Do it slowly or they can fold over very easily. It is versatile and can be applied on flat and ornate surfaces.

Tweezers, palette knife, gilder’s knife, and gilder’s tip are recommended tools for handling this product.

How to Store 24K Rose Gold Flake

When storing this product, ensure that it is kept in a cool and dry location, preferably with a relative humidity index not over 50%.

At Essential Ingredients, we do our best to provide high quality 24K Rose Gold Flake for your baking decoration needs at a reasonable price in Malaysia so why not give our product a try?


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