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Hari Raya Aidilfitri is one of the most important celebrations in Malaysia and usually involves visiting relatives, merry gatherings, festive meals, gift-giving and of course, Hari Raya cookies! If you haven’t already bought your Hari Raya cookies or have no idea what type of Hari Raya cookies to stock in your house, worry not! Fortunately for you, we have prepared a list of the top 4 must-have Hari Raya cookies for this year – either to be eaten by yourself or to be served to your hungry guests. Without further ado, here are the top 4 Hari Raya cookies:


First up, you cannot miss this. This is like the cookie that you can find in every Malay household during festive season like these. The London Almond Cookies. What comes in your mind when you hear its name? A good crunch with every bite, coated with rich chocolate, what’s not to like about it? London Almond Cookies joins the rank among the top, classical and evergreen kuih raya in Malaysia. You can find the method of preparation in the internet, with its main ingredients namely All Purpose Flour, ButterWhole AlmondsIcing Sugar and Chocolate. Of course you can always level up your London Almond Cookies by using premium quality chocolates from Belgium, or fresh Almonds and French butters. That would definitely make our London Almond Cookies stand out from the rest. Here’s a tip for you: Use Dark Compound Chocolate – the best chocolate compound to go with these cookies. You may add some touch of colors by adding sprinkles or just desiccated coconut would do. This will help balance the sweetness perfectly.


This sweet treat is no stranger to festive occasions especially Aidilfitri Raya. Recipes may have been passed down from generation to generation in every household. Trust me – once you get a kid started, you can never see the bottle of Honey Cornflakes again! They can never stop! These treats are fairly simple to make, you just need 3 key ingredients which are Cornflakes, Honey, and Salted Butter. As an option, you can have dried cranberries, mix fruitschocolate rice, rainbow sprinkles or chopped nuts. It’s simple, fancy and it’s up to your creativity! Again, we would encourage you to use premium quality honey and French salted butter to give you that lux taste.


This is my personal favourite. A good Kuih Bangkit is light and crispy but melts instantly in your mouth. The rich coconut milk gives the kuih bangkit the creamy coconut-y flavour so use good coconut milk! Kuih Bangkit comes in various shapes so it all depends on your individual preferences. Bite-size of course! You don’t want to choke on these cookies, haha! Its main ingredients are tapioca flour/starch, pandan leaves (the aroma!), coconut cream, eggs and icing sugar. Remember not to rush the baking process – use a low temperature and slowly to avoid burning the Kuih Bangkit. Google Kuih Bangkit recipes on the internet, and you may find different people with different pro-tips to making the perfect Kuih Bangkit.


Also known as Nastar or Pineapple Cookies. There are certainly many types of Pineapple Tarts out there with different shapes – have you seen an open-faced pineapple tart with its filling on the outside? So many creative bakers out there, with different ideas of making Pineapple Tarts but ultimately it boils down to its main ingredients: Pineapple Paste, Tart Pastry Cookie Mix, Butter, and Egg Yolk. It’s not a secret that pineapple pastes make a difference, so use quality ones! There are many types out there, so go for the one that gives you the taste and texture you want. Premium quality pineapple paste comes with low sugar options too! Of course, good pineapple tarts use good quality butter too!

So there you go, the ALL-STAR RAYA COOKIES that one must definitely have during Raya. There are many more types of Hari Raya Cookies out there that we haven’t been able to cover such as homemade Lotus Biscoff cookies but fret not! There are 30 days in Raya month, so who says you can’t have 1 type of cookie each day.

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