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10 ‘Biskut Raya’ Recommendation for 2023 Raya


It’s that time of year again as we gear up for the festive season of Raya in 2023. We’re excited to present to you our top 10 ‘Biskut Raya’ recommendations. Whether you’re a seasoned ‘Biskut’ connoisseur or a newbie to the game, we’ve got you covered with our selection of the most delectable and mouth-watering ‘Biskut’ around. So sit back, relax, and get ready to indulge in some seriously delicious ‘Biskut’ Raya!



‘A nutty chocolate treats’ is how people describe this cookie. Very easy to make with two main ingredients; almond strips and chocolate. Some people may add cornflakes or dried berries to elevate the flavor, but some prefer the traditional style. It has an easy and straightforward steps with only a few ingredients making it a popular cookie to make during Raya.

Credit for image : sherlyskitchen.com





Another tart that is quite popular aside from the pineapple tart is this Cadbury tart. Using Cadbury chocolate as the fillings, it sure is a favorite among children especially. The steps and ingredients are almost the same as the pineapple tart except for the filling. Definitely worth to try if you are a fan of tart-type cookie.

Credit for image : @ienaazizudin (cookpad.com)





All time favorite. The legend. Must I say more ? It can be made by 3 ingredients only, which are corn flour, condensed milk and wheat flour, with simple and straightforward steps. It basically is a must have cookie in everyone houses during Raya. Crunchy when bitten but then it melt in your mouth with milky flavor. It has a beautiful dahlia flower shapes with different topping depending on one’s creativity. That is why it is almost everyone favorite, both children or adult.

Credit for image : myresepi.com





This biscuit has became a hit and a favorite for few years already. It is a combination of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond flakes, sesame seeds and the Florentine flour. Just mix it all and bake. Simple and easy. The crunchy and sweet texture makes it not only a fav during Raya but also as an everyday snacks.



Chocolate chip cookies is well known to be delicious and a favorite especially for children. A lot of recipes with different kinds of combination and ingredients have been made. One of it is the sea salt choc chip cookies. A combination of sweetness from the cookies and the saltiness of the salt flakes balanced out the flavor, making it popular among the people who likes balance taste.





Nutella cookie cups. A cookie that is a kind of tart but is combine with a popular and all time favorite spread, Nutella. Since it is combine with Nutella, of course it became a hit during festive such as Raya considering almost everyone, children or adult loves Nutella. A combination of crunchy and crumbly tart shells and a sweet, chocolatey-hazelnut goodness of Nutella is definitely something to die for.

Credit for image : Kudos Kitchen by Renee




Red velvet is a very worldwide popular flavor. Chocolate chip cookie is also a worldwide popular cookie. What if it was combined ? Added with white chocolate chips. Heaven. Yes, a heavenly treat for red velvet fans. A must try cookie for this festival to be served to family and friends.

Credit for image : theyummybowl.com


Another type of chocolate chip cookie in this recommendation is the Brownies Cookie. Modified from brownies and made into a cookie, it basically taste like brownies except more crunchy. It is crunchy and dense with chocolatey flavor. 

Credit for image : bonappetite.com




Rainbow cookies or ‘Lidah Kucing’ originated from Indonesia. It has became a hit in Malaysia a few years ago and still is for the crunchy texture and colorful appearances. The ingredients used are also easy to find at your nearby local store and the step of making it are also quite easy.

Credit for image : resepicitarasawan.blogspot.com





Bangkit cookie or ‘Kuih Bangkit’ is a Malaysian traditional cookie. It is already a popular cookie that is well known for melting in the mouth when eaten. But what if it is elevated by adding cream cheese into it ? Making it a Bangkit Cheese Cookie. A soft crumbly and melt in the mouth kind of cookie with creamy cheese flavor. It has become a hit a few years ago until now as a snack. And it is also considered as a must have cookie during Raya.

Credit for image : Thexeilia Yeap (penangfoodie.com)




Hence, these are all the 10 types of new and old, cookies or ‘Biskut Raya’ that I can recommend here due to its popularity and being a must have cookie in everyone houses during Hari Raya. Be it being made by oneself or bought from the shops. We wish you a joyous Hari Raya.

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